From the Principal

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 Dear Parent/Guardians,

Mrs. Royal put on a heartwarming Flag Day concert today with our first graders.  I LOVED the song about One Nation and how our diversity makes us who we are in this country.  Here at Miller we embrace and celebrate our diversity. It is such a joy to learn about different cultures and hear many languages during our assemblies.   Our families enjoyed a breezy picnic on the upper fields following the concerts.  

SECOND GRADE PARENTS: NOTE THE TIME CHANGE FOR THE CLAP OUT! Friday, June 21st, parents should gather at 10:45 am outside the front entrance.  We will then wait in the main hallway until the 2nd graders walk into the first grade hallway, then we will spread out to surprise them for our last leg of their clap out.  No need to arrive before 10:45 because every spot is a good one!  The PTA will graciously provide pizza, water and ice pops for the 2nd grade students.  Please bring a picnic blanket and your own lunch to enjoy the your child.  This is an ADULTS ONLY event as we'd like to focus our attention on our 2nd graders.   As always, please park at the Elks Club. 

The trip to the Powerhouse Studios was well received and the 2nd graders had a great time.  Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring such a fun event for our little ones.  

Yesterday the graduating Class of 2019 walked the halls in their graduation gowns and our students clapped and celebrated their success.  It is truly a tradition loved by everyone.  Teachers are so happy to reunite with the students; who, of course, are much taller than they are now!  It was funny to overhear the graduates comments about their 2nd grade class photos that hang on the walls.  

We will be posting summer work packets through the digital backpack this year.  I cannot stress enough the importance of reading to your child and with your child every day during the summer.  Encourage them to read in the car instead of watching videos.  Read to them while they relax in the pool or the bathtub! Read to them before bedtime.  We only improve our abilities when we practice our skills.  This is true for everything we do in life.

Have a good weekend!